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How to setup your Deal Alerts

Have a specific filtered list that you are going to search on a regular basis? Get fresh leads based on your search criteria delivered to your inbox! We'll monitor your Saved Searches for new leads each day, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Simply save a search with Deal Alerts enabled.

Begin with a Saved Search

To save your search:

1.    Enter your search location or target area
2.    Select the Leadpipe type(s)
3.    Set the additional filters you would like to monitor
4.    Click the blue button that says Save Search located above the lists of leads that populated

Enter a description to reference your search, click the blue save button, and we will begin monitoring your search for new leads!

Now sit back and keep an eye on your inbox while we do all the heavy lifting! We will automatically email you new leads that match your criteria. 

* We will only enable alerts for searches of 100,000 results or less. 
* The deal alert emails will be sent to the contact email of the user on the account that enables the alert. 

The deal alert email will contain a snapshot of one property that matches your search criteria. Click on the property address to view the details.

 Additionally, you will see:

A. The total number of new leads for that search
B. The name/description of the search
C. A button for each saved search to view the full list of new leads in Leadpipes

*If you are not currently logged into the app you will be directed to the login screen.

You can disable alerts for an individual search at any time by navigating to Leadpipes and clicking "View All" on the Leadpipes Dashboard.

Your list of Saved Searches will be displayed, allowing you to delete a search entirely or disable alerts for an individual search by clicking on the blue toggle.

TIP: Your most recent Saved Searches will populate on your account Dashboard in the order in which they were created; allowing you the ability to quickly jump to a saved search in one click.

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